Monterra is not the average payroll provider. The way we see it, you should not have to spend your time recalculating payroll and then pay another company to print your checks. We do all of that for you. Payroll data is automatically transmitted to our office without you lifting a finger, because your time matters.

We focus on compliance by accounting for multi-store, multi-rate employees, track employee tip underreporting and test for minimum wage compliance, giving you peace of mind.

And we don’t stop there. We’re saving you money every way we can. We don’t charge additional fees for quarterly returns, W2s or workers compensation audits. We do all of this, and more, for you because you should keep your full focus on running your stores.

Payroll Services Include:

Did you know?
The first Federal Minimum Wage was introduced in 1938 to the tune of 25¢ an hour.
  • Recalculation of Pulse TMC report and testing
    • On-road/Off-road split for workers’ compensation
    • Tip Credit calculations (if applicable)
    • Overtime recalculations
  • Direct deposit, pay cards or paper checks
  • Pulse Overrides
  • New hire reporting
  • Miscellaneous deductions (uniforms, partners)
  • Garnishment management
  • Workers compensation audits
  • Quarterly returns and tax deposits
  • W2s