Accounts Payable

Monterra’s Accounts Payable staff is no ordinary team. We are dedicated to making sure you only pay what you owe. And, it’s not just about writing checks, it’s about managing your vendors, reconciling accounts and tracking compliance issues. We free you from mundane tasks so you have more time to focus on your business, and we have several flat rate packages available that can be customized to meet your needs.


We’ll save you time by:

  • Automatically polling ― no need to send reports to us
  • Posting store sales and deposits
  • Vendor management
  • Personal online check register helps you always know your cash flow
  • Register available for approval prior to payment

Just some recent ways we’ve saved clients money:

  • Discovered a client was being billed for another franchisee’s equipment
  • Learned a client was still being charged for phone lines that had become inactive
  • Found gift card deposits being credited to a former franchisee’s account

Accounts Payable Services Include:

Did you know?
The abbreviations for debit and credit (dr. and cr.) come from the Latin words debere and credere.
  • Posting of store deposits
  • Invoices
    • Beginning balance verification
    • Payment and balance tracking
  • Royalty and commissary payments
  • Posting of debit card transactions
  • Sales tax deposits and returns
  • W9 requests and tracking
  • 1099 preparation & filing